Trainer table title

We make stylist tables for your Turbo Trainer setup
ideal for laptops, ipads etc..

Designed to be cost effective and space saving

Great modern designs, space saving and portable for small rooms
available in my colours including chrome edging

turbo trainer table zwift

The perfect training companion for training indoors on Zwift,TrainerRoad, Sufferfest or just watching movies
The table height is set to keep the head angle correct and avoid a bad neck when training for extended periods

turbo trainer desk
Ideal for small devices like tablets, mobiles or laptops

tt bike turbo trainer stand
Suitable for TT bikles,allows the device to be at road eye level to practice holding your head in an aero position

chatting in zwift
Enables easy reach of the keyboard for chatting or direction changes in Zwift
compact in design for small rooms and portable.

cycling head angle
When cycling to prevent neck injuries it is important to keep the neck and spine as straight as possible. You may have experienced a bad neck if you've been cycling and looking too far ahead up the road for long periods.
The trainer table is set around handle bar height to keep your neck at the correct angle.

yellow turbo trainer table


- Compact design, lightweight, portable
- Space saving with a small footprint
- Suitable for small devices

- Easy to wipe clean
- Makes devices easy to reach/view
- A clean indoor setupand looks stylish
- Watch Videos, TV or read books
- Room for a mobile phone and laptop
- Scratch resistant
- Rust Proof
- Works with smart or standard trainers
- Works with or without front wheel riser blocks

- Easy to assemble
- Comes with rubber feet and fixings
- Simple assembly takes less than 3 minutes
- Very high quality and sturdy

 Assembled Dimensions
 850mm high
 397mm wide
 395mm depth
 weight 9kg



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no more untidy make shift setups :)



made in the UK


A patented design manufactured in the UK
Copyright Trainer Tables  2017
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