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A family run business
Designed by Lloyd Morgan competitive Time Trial cyclist who does the majority of his training indoors.   Faced with the same problem as many other riders having something to put put the laptop on is probem faced with many people that use an indoor cycling setup. There are no real solutions out there that look nice enough to have in the house. So he designed one that looks fantastic and doesn't take up much space making it idea for small rooms

Since using this table and devoting more time to specific traning indoors Lloyd has seen his Time Trial time tumble, recently setting a time of 20:52 for 10 miles at the age of 43 year old.  He thinks having the screen on the table has helped him practice holding his head in an aerodynamic position.

Trainer Tables are made by Ultimate Arcade Cabinets Ltd who've been manufacturing
high quality retro arcade cabinets for the home for over 15 years.

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made in the UK


A patented design manufactured in the UK
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